Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Do You Think You’ll Be Getting Dessert?

I believe that in most households growing up, dessert or a lack thereof is how our parents would twist our arm into eating even the yuckiest piece of brussel sprout. The thought of yummy ice cream or custard over pudding would pull you through whatever mom may have put on your dinner plate. As adults we can now cheat and have dessert even when the dinner plate hasn't been left clean!
‘Do you think you’ll be getting dessert at this rate?’ was the line that would make you check yourself! That got me thinking about dessert or other rewards we get as adults. Whether you’re employed, self employed, making the transition or unemployed, we ought to be able to hear mom's voice in our ear asking “Do you think you’ll be getting your dream life at this rate?”
Introspection is one of the most crucial aspects of being a successful entrepreneur. It’s not always easy because at times you discover traits or characteristics about yourself that you may not like. That said, it is from this humble position that we are able to make the necessary changes in our lives to move us forward.
If the answer to mom's question is No, then you NEED to start implementing changes today! If it’s Yes, then continue ‘confidently in the direction of your dreams’!!

Monday, 19 October 2015


This weekend I saw the importance of believing things are possible even if you don't know the how. As a friendly reminder - YOU DON'T HAVE TO KNOW THE HOW... Focus your energy on the WHAT and the HOW will show itself. 
A preoccupation with the how of something you don't know will literally drive you crazy and this is where a lot of people get stuck. It becomes easier to do a mundane job and get a pay check each month than it is to figure out the unknown!

Make achieving your best life easier by first getting clear on what is important to you and therefore what you truly desire for the key areas of your life. It is only from this space that you are able to figure out and get guidance on what your next step should be because let's face it - NO ONE can give you directions if you don't know where you are going!
Make it a priority to clear up the WHAT of the hazy areas of your life and business this week and then.... only then, can you begin to get guidance.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Full Fat or Skimmed?

The question full fat or skimmed conjures up feelings which are most likely directly in relation to the size of your waistline! Whilst some argue that full fat is tastier, others emphasise that skimmed is healthier. One thing is for certain though - when it comes to life, joy, wealth and abundance, full fat is the only way to go!

What do I mean? Well, as the name 'skimmed' implies - this kind of life has a certain amount of 'goodness' taken away or skimmed off the top - like a cup of hot cocoa with no cream if you will. Examples of a skimmed life are those plagued by mediocrity and words such as 'fine', 'enough', 'not bad'. Whereas when I think about a full fat kind of life, I think abundance, luxury, more than enough to share!

Pay attention to the language you use and the direction it may be pushing you in. If you're used to saying things like 'any will do for me', begin to change that language so that it directly reflects your inner most desires. 

A full fat life is available to YOU if you can just choose that you DESERVE the best.

Which areas of your life will you be upgrading to the Deluxe Version? Share in the section below :)

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

When Traffic Is A Good Thing!

Those of you who know me well will know that I'm a car fanatic! I like my cars fast, elegant and powerful. With this in mind, it may seem crazy that I'm suggesting that traffic can be a good thing when in reality it's quite possibly the arch--enemy of the super car.

If we jump from the tar to the online world for a moment, we realise that here, traffic is actually a God send. No matter how amazing, informative and value packed your blog may be, if no one ever sees it - it serves no good and it definitely won't generate an income for you.

For some people the word 'traffic', in the dot-com world, is synonymous with SEO, Adwords, advertising budget etc. This can be intimidating if you don't consider yourself to be much of a technical genius, but that said, it doesn't mean you can't have fresh laser targeted traffic coming to your blog on a daily basis.

Join us tomorrow, Wednesday 7 October 9PM EDT to learn how you can:

- Tap into the massive Facebook Audience
- Get laser targeted prospects to your blog daily (even if you don't understand SEO yet)
- Pull existing followers from other platforms to your blog

Make use of this free webinar to learn a few cool tricks to help you turn your blog from ghost town to a hub for your target audience.

See you there!

Monday, 21 September 2015

Push - Pull... Use Whichever Serves You

The time I take my morning walks coincides with the time when most people are sitting in traffic on their way to work. My route today took me past a main road where, as anticipated, people were sitting in bumper to bumper traffic before the sun had fully risen.

We all face challenges in business (and life) from time to time and any honest home based business builder will be the first person to tell you that. However, even with this being the case, I distinctly remember thinking this morning that no matter how bad things may get with my business, I NEVER want to find myself in a space where I'm forced to be in that situation on a daily basis.

As I walked past all the cars (yes, my leisurely pace was faster than the speed the traffic was moving at), I noticed the different types of people in the cars:
- The chain smokers who smoke the wasted time away
- The music lovers who pump their music on high volume all the way to work
- The neurotics - who are hooting constantly whilst trying to squeeze themselves into non-existent spaces
- The depressed individuals who are wondering whether this is what life has come to.... spending two plus hours a day in traffic.

As much as each of these people were experiencing the traffic in different ways - one thing is for sure... I didn't envy any of them!

This reminded me of something I remember Tony Robbins saying a few years back... That if the vision of where you are headed isn't yet strong enough to pull you forward - use the pain of where you are coming from to push you forward. If imagining yourself on your private yacht seems impossible for now, then use the pain of always missing family functions because of work commitments as motivation. Let the pain PUSH you until the vision can PULL you. 
The bottom line is that you need to stay in motion - moving closer toward your best life on a daily basis. As time goes on and as you achieve more, it will become easier to focus your energy on where you are headed to versus where you are coming from. 

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

"I’d Love To Join Now But I Just Don’t Have the Money"

Do you hear this often when you show your business opportunity to prospects? They’re interested, but at this time, money is what’s preventing them from coming on board – bit of a catch 22 if you ask me. They can’t afford to join you in a venture which will help them get more money?
Below are three things to keep in mind/do whenever you encounter this common objection which we face in the Network Marketing industry.

1 – Value, Value, Value.
Usually when a person says they don’t have the money, they won’t have seen the value behind the opportunity you are offering. People will always source money, no matter the amount, if they feel the benefits are worth it. At this stage you may benefit from giving your clients a breakdown of the benefits they will derive from opting in on your offer. Help them see what’s in it for them and how it will help them achieve something which is important to them. So, where they may see a marketing plan and some products, you have to show them that it’s the vehicle which will enable them to retire early or whatever their ‘hot-button’ is.

2 - Facts Tell, Stories Sell.
People can be reluctant to buy from a person who does not have testimonies of how their products have helped specific people in the past. Granted you won’t have a testimony for each and every product or service offered by your MLM Company, but work on building up your unique portfolio of testimonies – not those ones shared by everyone else. Where you have personal testimonies (yours or a client of yours), definitely share these because in such instances, your natural enthusiasm and passion will shine through… this way you feel less ‘salesy’ because it’s real and not some regurgitated spiel.

3 - Make use of ‘hot buttons'.
As you focus on building relationships with people, you will inevitably learn more about their personal circumstances and their reasons for taking a serious look at network marketing. When objections like’ I just don’t have the money now’ come up, be sure to remind your prospect of the true mission:

“How serious were you when you said you want to take your daughter to private school?”

People have become so accustomed to failing that they wouldn't know a great opportunity if it came up and slapped them in the face. Focus on refuelling people’s inner fire and getting them to once again dare to embrace the bigger picture, the better life.

I hope these three pointers will come in handy when you next encounter this objection. Feel free to share how you usually deal with such in the comments section below.

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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Three Interesting Ways To Find Prospects

If there’s one thing you require as an entrepreneur and/ or network marketer - it’s creativity. Finding new people to show your business opportunity to shouldn't be daunting and so with that in mind, here are three creative ways you can go about finding interesting prospects.

1 – Drop Cards

On your next visit to the book store, find the section which is specifically for your niche or which would attract the average person who falls in your target audience. So for instance, if your network marketing company focuses on health and nutrition, you could head over to the ‘Health & Fitness’ section, or knowing that fellow marketers are keen on personal development and use of mind power etc,  you could head over to the ‘Self Help’ section. Once there, you simply drop your business cards in the pages of books in that section and they’ll be found by the person who buys the book.
Two great things about this;  firstly you are marketing yourself in a place you know your niche frequents and secondly you are reaching out to a specific individual… someone who reads and is therefore prepared to continue growing and learning – That’s priceless in our industry.

2 – Children’s Sporting Events/ Parties

If you are a parent, sporting events and birthday parties are a great place to connect with other parents, who would most likely love to have more time on their hands. You may already be aware of the children whose parents are not typically able to attend games and other events. When you do meet these parents, strike up a genuine conversation with them and then you can tell them about how your work involves helping others achieve time and money freedom. Focus on helping people and building genuine relationships and it won’t feel like work.

3 – Toll Booth Marketing

I absolutely loved this when I came across it! The next time you drive through a toll gate, pay the toll for the person behind you and ask the cashier to give them your business card or flyer. Your generosity (and creativity) will make you stand out and who knows, they may want to find out more about you and your product/service.

I hope you’ll use one of these strategies when you next get the opportunity to do so.

If you like these tips and would like to know more about how you can become great at prospecting so you can teach your team to do the same thereby duplicating yourself, have a look at this Prospecting Playbook.

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Why Asking For Repeat Business Isn't Cringe Worthy Stuff

You have a great product or service which you offer your target audience, yet you feel greasy and sales-y when it’s time to contact clients to ask for repeat business? The key here is repeat business – that’s what makes it so weird. Making an initial sale is one thing, but going back to a satisfied client to ask for repeat business shouldn't be so difficult. I've come up with three reasons why you need not feel tense about picking up the phone or sending out that email to remind them that they are due to place another order:

1-      The Fortune Is In The Follow Up

If you've been in sales for more than five minutes (and we’re all in sales by the way), you’ll have heard the phrase ‘The Fortune Is in the Follow Up” – and it’s true. Think about how many times you saw the last offer you bought into before you made a decision about it or how grateful you were for that friendly reminder which ensured you didn't run out of your most favourite ‘XYZ’ product.

2-      You Know Your Clients

So before you started getting clients, you sat down one day and you got super clear on your target audience, their needs and how your product or service would meet those. Then once individual clients came on board, I’ll assume you did your due diligence to get to know them personally and to build that all important rapport which is the backbone of every relationship. What this says to me is that you have pretty in depth knowledge about your client’s likes, dislikes, preferences and needs. Bearing this research in mind and the fact that they've already bought from you before, there’s no need to feel slimy about reaching out to them to let them know that you’ll be placing orders soon and would they like the same again. They’ll appreciate you staying on the ball and being an organised business person.

3-      Real Life Happens

Let’s face it – regardless of how great your product is, real life happens. Children fall ill, work pressure increases and DIY jobs pile up. All this means your client may forget that it’s time to place their repeat order of your fantastic product. A genuine customer will appreciate you giving them a friendly reminder and again it says a lot about how efficiently you run your business… #BrowniePoints.

Keep these three things in mind the next time you are due to follow up and you’ll realise that the follow up is one of the best parts of your business.

If you want to make the most of the follow up process, have a look at a great tool which will change the way you are currently keeping track of all you wonderful clients - Click Here  

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

2015 #AfricanEntrepreneur Of The Month: Chioma Nnani

We're so excited to have officially launched our series on #AfricanEntrepreneurs. An initiative to showcase the brilliance and creativity of entrepreneurs from across our continent. 

We're honoured to have award winning Nigerian author, storyteller and producer, Chioma Nnani as my first feature. Enjoy the article below... The lovely Chioma in her own words:


I knew from a young age that being financially independent was something I had to have. I knew I wouldn't get it from a '9-5'. Yes, I have had 'normal (9-5) jobs'; they taught me a lot – including what I didn't want for myself. At some point, I thought I would be a lawyer. But I believed I would be a lawyer with a number of different business interests and sidelines.

Operating the way that I currently do, took being honest with myself (about my strengths, weaknesses and desires), which led to a massive paradigm shift that I needed. Many people's lives consist of be born, go to school, get grades that are good enough to push you to the next class, so that you can graduate with a certain result, so that you can get a particular job, then retire. I knew a long time ago that that cycle wouldn't work for me; that leaving my financial security up to any company, was not a risk I could take. I get very nervous when my money (and by extension, my life) is determined by someone else, their moods or whatever else is going on with them. There was also the fact that my scores in certain subjects meant I was not deemed to be 'very academic'.

Now, when you're faced with these issues and circumstances, you start to think outside the box, real quick. I knew I was good with my hands – when I was a teenager (after I finished high school and before I went off to university), I ran a small-scale catering business. I would wake up at 4am, five days a week to make sure that products were ready to be delivered to where they would be sold. I'm asthmatic, so I was constantly on Ventolin and Piriton tablets to counteract the effects of frying (some of the products), on my respiratory system. But I wasn't bothered – the thrill of making your own money; there are no words to describe it. Along with the actual money, came opportunities to develop and hone discipline. Getting up when everyone else is still asleep, is not funny. I opened a bank account before I went to university – that made me feel like I could do anything. For some people, that might have seemed demeaning, but I didn't see it that way. I knew one of the things I was good at; then, I turned it into money.

So, by the time I graduated from university and figured out what I wanted to do with my life, there was no issue of “Will people be OK with this?” My mindset is and remains such that whether people understood why I would walk away from a potential career in Law – whether they understood that or not – was of no consequence to me. It was more a question of “How do I turn what I'm good at … what I can do with my hands, into something that people are willing to exchange money for? I did this before I went to uni, even when I had only recognised one skill. Now, I've even got the benefit of additional education, brawn and balls.”

With the creative industry, it's a bit of learning curve but the principles are the same. It helps to know that I am talented. It also helps when a potential client knows, that I know, that I am (talented). I haven't got the time or patience for (displaying) faux humility – if I was a horrible writer, nobody would give me the time of day. You don't book an appointment with an artisan, if their work doesn't inspire confidence. Also, I don't believe there's any decent creative on the planet, who doesn't know that they are good at what they do. They may not know how good they are, or just why they are good. Not knowing at all that they are talented, is an indicator of low self-esteem. That is very different from humility.

Because I bear these in mind, I am audacious about monetising (what began as) my talent. People don't necessarily pay for talent in itself; they pay for talent that's been polished into a discernible skill. The fewer people who can produce the results you are known for, the better. Being talented but broke, is an insult. I'm honest with myself about what's important to me. Therefore, I have no hang-ups about admitting it. Being one of the most fearless storytellers in the world, is incredibly important. But being a wealthy and fearless storyteller, is even more important.


I wasn't happy; personally and professionally. I didn't feel centred. There was all this stuff going on and it was making me completely miserable. I looked fine on the outside – published author, radio producer and presenter, ghost-writer – but some fundamental things were missing. So, despite what things looked like to others, I wasn't living at my fullest potential. It's difficult to really explain that to someone who hasn't lived that nightmare; there was a connection that just wasn't there.

I am so bloody-minded, that it can be mistaken for recklessness. There are times when I over-analyse and there are other times when I go on instinct. Moving back home was a decision that my head and my heart agreed with – there was no battle, there. It might seem odd, but I wasn't afraid of coming home to Africa. I don't have a massive trust-fund from a billionaire dad; I wasn't coming back to a glorified VP position in a parent's business empire; I didn't have any safety net to rely on. But these didn't scare me.

The prospect of remaining in a place where I was miserable, ill and not manifesting at my fullest potential – that was what scared me. I just thought, “I could die like this, totally unfulfilled.” Of course, people would have applauded and been all like, “Oh, she did X, Y, Z” but I would always know that I was also capable of doing A-W. I would know that because I didn't do A-W, I had failed. That wasn't something I was ready to settle for.

Like I said before, I'm bloody-minded, so when I make up my mind to do something, I will go a million extra miles, if that's what it takes. There were lots of people who were saying, “Oh, you know, you're making a mistake. Sure, things can be tough in England, but you just need to hang in there” and I was thinking, “Y'all cannot be serious! You must not know me!” I'm a grafter, I'm not afraid of a tough situation or of working hard. I've endured and survived a number of sh*tty situations. Some of the situations were so … challenging, that even when people hear about them now, they think, “Oh, she's probably writing another fiction novel.” But they are real. So, the idea that I wanted to walk away because I couldn't hack it, was just laughable.

Again, I'm not as impressed with 'appearances' – there's a bit of an obsession with 'looking successful' as opposed to 'being successful'. So, people will go to incredible lengths to acquire (or even fake the acquisition of) so-called status symbols. Especially now with social media, some people are more titillated by dumb arguments over whether the designer label on a purse they've seen on someone's Instagram profile, is real. Some couples are more interested in making kissy-faces in photos on Facebook, than on working on their relationship. These are things that delude people into thinking that they look hip. I just think, “That is a poverty mentality, seeping out and disgracing you.” When you're excessively turned on by a physical thing, it just means that you don't have that in abundance. When I was a kid, my dad had a poultry farm – every Sunday, we had pounded yam, nsala soup and chicken for lunch. Till date, that's one of my best meals because we didn't have that, everyday. Apart from the fact that it's fattening, it just wouldn't have been normal to eat that, everyday. That's human nature. So, when I see someone losing their mind because their validation comes from a pair of Jimmy Choos or a Burberry creation, I know I'm looking at a very poor person – regardless of what their bank account actually says. The only reason they're tripping is because they're not used to it. It's extraordinary to them. I also know that I'm looking at someone who will do anything to 'seem successful', but will not put in half the effort to be successful. Most of the time, they don't have what it takes, which is another reason they're dedicated to 'seeming successful'. I haven't got that kind of time and I don't care about such things. I am more interested in actually having £1,000,000 in my bank accounts and investments, than in looking like I have that – so that some people on social media, that I don't even know, can moon over my photos and go, “London Big Girl!” I use all my social media accounts for work. Some information I regard as 'personal' cannot even be found on either my Facebook profile or page. I absolutely refuse to spend my time or money for internet subscription, to go on social media and pander to anyone's vanity. The mindset I have regarding social media usage, is an offshoot of my approach to life – I will do what I know is right for me, regardless of how glamorous the opposite looks to others.

I'm also quite good at leaving things behind, without any regrets, if I believe their season is over. So, even feeling trepidation is not an excuse to be paralysed by fear, when you know that you're doing what's right for you.

A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE: Perceived Stumbling Blocks That Were Actually Stepping Stones

(laughing) I've had a number of those.
One major one was in launching my career. After I graduated from uni, I discovered that someone I trusted, was trying to rob me. In fact they had faked a friendship with me for five years, so that they could have access to the material I had written. If they hadn't been so evil that they tried to rob me of my work, I don't know if I would have noticed that the material was good enough to be published. So, that was a supposed stumbling block that turned out to be more than just a stepping stone in reality; more like a flying leap!


- I am obsessed with Swarovski crystals and New York penthouses.
- I really want to ride a camel. I've been told that I cannot own one, so I'm willing to settle for just riding one :)

Contact details
Twitter: @ChiomaNnani
Facebook: Chioma Nnani
LinkedIn: Chioma Nnani

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Wellbeing Of The 21st Century Entrepreneur

Robert Kiyosaki talks about the The Cash Flow Quadrant which describes four different types of people, namely Employees (E), Self Employed (S), those who are into Big Business (B) and Investors (I). As an entrepreneur, you fall into one or more of the last three categories. When you are an S, a B or an I, you are the brand, the product, the brains, the driving force, the ideas person etc. You are CEO of everything and although as a B or an I, you’ll typically have people working for you, you still remain the most valuable asset.

This got me thinking about the differences between what it meant to be an entrepreneur sixty years ago and what it means now. Some sixty years ago, being an entrepreneur meant being like those in the Self Employed quadrant. It meant everything had to be taken care of by you. It meant being a hero all the times, no matter what – even when you’d had no sleep or food for 48 hours. Ridiculous isn’t it?

It doesn’t have to be like that any more and it shouldn’t be. Entrepreneurship these days is about working smart and honouring your body and mind. It means:

  • Catching up on missed sleep
Catching up on your sleep by taking a nap during the day after a late night of awesome productivity doesn’t make you weak, it makes you human. It’s necessary otherwise you’ll soon be running on empty.

 “Adequate sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle, and can benefit your heart, weight, mind, and more.  - Unknown

  • Making time to exercise
Choose something you enjoy doing then it won’t feel like such a chore.

“Fitness is not about being better than someone else ... It's about being better than you used to be.” - Unknown

  • Putting your electronic devices down so you can enjoy mealtimes and actually taste your food
Carve out time for eating and prepare delicious meals just for you, even if that’s in the middle of the day. During this time, put all your gadgets away and enjoy the flavours, tastes and textures of your food.

“Honour your body. It’s the only place you have to live” - Unknown

  • Working on your mindset on a daily basis
Your mindset is your number one requirement for success. Invest in improving this on a daily basis and the other things will become easier.

“Mindsets play strange tricks on us. We see things the way our minds have instructed our eyes to see.” - Muhammad Yunus

  • Working WITH the laws of the Universe
Don’t create your own laws or ignore the existing ones. Flow with and tap into the natural order of things.

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” - Wayne Dyer

I trust this will help you on your journey to becoming an even more successful entrepreneur by focusing on creating a better YOU.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Your Job As A Vehicle To Get You Out Of The Rat Race

Talk of employment and the dreaded J.O.B in home business circles is usually met with groans of disapproval and talk of how it’s the worst thing ever. Being in the home business arena myself, I do agree with this but I also acknowledge that there are some advantages to starting off a home business whilst you are still working at your job. Below are 3 reasons why you should view your JOB as a vehicle to getting you out of the rat race:

1)      Your start up requires capital.
 Whether you are going into network marketing, looking to open a hair salon in your backyard cottage or starting your own internet marketing empire – you will need money to get the things started. Your job will enable you to finance the big and little things from laptops to basic office stationary.
Set aside a portion of your salary to cover these expenses, as well as running costs. A business budget will serve you well and will enable you to keep track of monies coming in and out.

2)      Your salary offers you security
 It’s no secret that being an entrepreneur is not for sissies! Just playing - but it’s true. Entrepreneurialism makes some people and breaks others. From the extra hours that have to be put in, to the fact that things don’t always come together as planned, it’s a process that will see you grow. That said, one of the things which don’t usually go as planned is the amount of time it takes to start breaking even and then making a solid profit. Your steady monthly salary will allow you to take care of existing expenses and to focus on growth rather than scarcity as you build up your home business.

3)      Your job will motivate you
 Your job, as mentioned above, is something you may view as preventing you from living you want to live. Before your home business gets on its feet and generates enough power to pull you toward it, use your job to push you toward your best life. A long day at work, a run in with your boss… use all of that to fuel your passion, drive and enthusiasm for your ‘escape plan’.

I hope this helps you to view your job in a more positive light as you make the transition to being your own boss.