Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Do You Think You’ll Be Getting Dessert?

I believe that in most households growing up, dessert or a lack thereof is how our parents would twist our arm into eating even the yuckiest piece of brussel sprout. The thought of yummy ice cream or custard over pudding would pull you through whatever mom may have put on your dinner plate. As adults we can now cheat and have dessert even when the dinner plate hasn't been left clean!
‘Do you think you’ll be getting dessert at this rate?’ was the line that would make you check yourself! That got me thinking about dessert or other rewards we get as adults. Whether you’re employed, self employed, making the transition or unemployed, we ought to be able to hear mom's voice in our ear asking “Do you think you’ll be getting your dream life at this rate?”
Introspection is one of the most crucial aspects of being a successful entrepreneur. It’s not always easy because at times you discover traits or characteristics about yourself that you may not like. That said, it is from this humble position that we are able to make the necessary changes in our lives to move us forward.
If the answer to mom's question is No, then you NEED to start implementing changes today! If it’s Yes, then continue ‘confidently in the direction of your dreams’!!