Tuesday, 21 April 2015

"I’d Love To Join Now But I Just Don’t Have the Money"

Do you hear this often when you show your business opportunity to prospects? They’re interested, but at this time, money is what’s preventing them from coming on board – bit of a catch 22 if you ask me. They can’t afford to join you in a venture which will help them get more money?
Below are three things to keep in mind/do whenever you encounter this common objection which we face in the Network Marketing industry.

1 – Value, Value, Value.
Usually when a person says they don’t have the money, they won’t have seen the value behind the opportunity you are offering. People will always source money, no matter the amount, if they feel the benefits are worth it. At this stage you may benefit from giving your clients a breakdown of the benefits they will derive from opting in on your offer. Help them see what’s in it for them and how it will help them achieve something which is important to them. So, where they may see a marketing plan and some products, you have to show them that it’s the vehicle which will enable them to retire early or whatever their ‘hot-button’ is.

2 - Facts Tell, Stories Sell.
People can be reluctant to buy from a person who does not have testimonies of how their products have helped specific people in the past. Granted you won’t have a testimony for each and every product or service offered by your MLM Company, but work on building up your unique portfolio of testimonies – not those ones shared by everyone else. Where you have personal testimonies (yours or a client of yours), definitely share these because in such instances, your natural enthusiasm and passion will shine through… this way you feel less ‘salesy’ because it’s real and not some regurgitated spiel.

3 - Make use of ‘hot buttons'.
As you focus on building relationships with people, you will inevitably learn more about their personal circumstances and their reasons for taking a serious look at network marketing. When objections like’ I just don’t have the money now’ come up, be sure to remind your prospect of the true mission:

“How serious were you when you said you want to take your daughter to private school?”

People have become so accustomed to failing that they wouldn't know a great opportunity if it came up and slapped them in the face. Focus on refuelling people’s inner fire and getting them to once again dare to embrace the bigger picture, the better life.

I hope these three pointers will come in handy when you next encounter this objection. Feel free to share how you usually deal with such in the comments section below.

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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Three Interesting Ways To Find Prospects

If there’s one thing you require as an entrepreneur and/ or network marketer - it’s creativity. Finding new people to show your business opportunity to shouldn't be daunting and so with that in mind, here are three creative ways you can go about finding interesting prospects.

1 – Drop Cards

On your next visit to the book store, find the section which is specifically for your niche or which would attract the average person who falls in your target audience. So for instance, if your network marketing company focuses on health and nutrition, you could head over to the ‘Health & Fitness’ section, or knowing that fellow marketers are keen on personal development and use of mind power etc,  you could head over to the ‘Self Help’ section. Once there, you simply drop your business cards in the pages of books in that section and they’ll be found by the person who buys the book.
Two great things about this;  firstly you are marketing yourself in a place you know your niche frequents and secondly you are reaching out to a specific individual… someone who reads and is therefore prepared to continue growing and learning – That’s priceless in our industry.

2 – Children’s Sporting Events/ Parties

If you are a parent, sporting events and birthday parties are a great place to connect with other parents, who would most likely love to have more time on their hands. You may already be aware of the children whose parents are not typically able to attend games and other events. When you do meet these parents, strike up a genuine conversation with them and then you can tell them about how your work involves helping others achieve time and money freedom. Focus on helping people and building genuine relationships and it won’t feel like work.

3 – Toll Booth Marketing

I absolutely loved this when I came across it! The next time you drive through a toll gate, pay the toll for the person behind you and ask the cashier to give them your business card or flyer. Your generosity (and creativity) will make you stand out and who knows, they may want to find out more about you and your product/service.

I hope you’ll use one of these strategies when you next get the opportunity to do so.

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