Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Do You Think You’ll Be Getting Dessert?

I believe that in most households growing up, dessert or a lack thereof is how our parents would twist our arm into eating even the yuckiest piece of brussel sprout. The thought of yummy ice cream or custard over pudding would pull you through whatever mom may have put on your dinner plate. As adults we can now cheat and have dessert even when the dinner plate hasn't been left clean!
‘Do you think you’ll be getting dessert at this rate?’ was the line that would make you check yourself! That got me thinking about dessert or other rewards we get as adults. Whether you’re employed, self employed, making the transition or unemployed, we ought to be able to hear mom's voice in our ear asking “Do you think you’ll be getting your dream life at this rate?”
Introspection is one of the most crucial aspects of being a successful entrepreneur. It’s not always easy because at times you discover traits or characteristics about yourself that you may not like. That said, it is from this humble position that we are able to make the necessary changes in our lives to move us forward.
If the answer to mom's question is No, then you NEED to start implementing changes today! If it’s Yes, then continue ‘confidently in the direction of your dreams’!!

Monday, 19 October 2015


This weekend I saw the importance of believing things are possible even if you don't know the how. As a friendly reminder - YOU DON'T HAVE TO KNOW THE HOW... Focus your energy on the WHAT and the HOW will show itself. 
A preoccupation with the how of something you don't know will literally drive you crazy and this is where a lot of people get stuck. It becomes easier to do a mundane job and get a pay check each month than it is to figure out the unknown!

Make achieving your best life easier by first getting clear on what is important to you and therefore what you truly desire for the key areas of your life. It is only from this space that you are able to figure out and get guidance on what your next step should be because let's face it - NO ONE can give you directions if you don't know where you are going!
Make it a priority to clear up the WHAT of the hazy areas of your life and business this week and then.... only then, can you begin to get guidance.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Full Fat or Skimmed?

The question full fat or skimmed conjures up feelings which are most likely directly in relation to the size of your waistline! Whilst some argue that full fat is tastier, others emphasise that skimmed is healthier. One thing is for certain though - when it comes to life, joy, wealth and abundance, full fat is the only way to go!

What do I mean? Well, as the name 'skimmed' implies - this kind of life has a certain amount of 'goodness' taken away or skimmed off the top - like a cup of hot cocoa with no cream if you will. Examples of a skimmed life are those plagued by mediocrity and words such as 'fine', 'enough', 'not bad'. Whereas when I think about a full fat kind of life, I think abundance, luxury, more than enough to share!

Pay attention to the language you use and the direction it may be pushing you in. If you're used to saying things like 'any will do for me', begin to change that language so that it directly reflects your inner most desires. 

A full fat life is available to YOU if you can just choose that you DESERVE the best.

Which areas of your life will you be upgrading to the Deluxe Version? Share in the section below :)

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

When Traffic Is A Good Thing!

Those of you who know me well will know that I'm a car fanatic! I like my cars fast, elegant and powerful. With this in mind, it may seem crazy that I'm suggesting that traffic can be a good thing when in reality it's quite possibly the arch--enemy of the super car.

If we jump from the tar to the online world for a moment, we realise that here, traffic is actually a God send. No matter how amazing, informative and value packed your blog may be, if no one ever sees it - it serves no good and it definitely won't generate an income for you.

For some people the word 'traffic', in the dot-com world, is synonymous with SEO, Adwords, advertising budget etc. This can be intimidating if you don't consider yourself to be much of a technical genius, but that said, it doesn't mean you can't have fresh laser targeted traffic coming to your blog on a daily basis.

Join us tomorrow, Wednesday 7 October 9PM EDT to learn how you can:

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- Pull existing followers from other platforms to your blog

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See you there!

Monday, 21 September 2015

Push - Pull... Use Whichever Serves You

The time I take my morning walks coincides with the time when most people are sitting in traffic on their way to work. My route today took me past a main road where, as anticipated, people were sitting in bumper to bumper traffic before the sun had fully risen.

We all face challenges in business (and life) from time to time and any honest home based business builder will be the first person to tell you that. However, even with this being the case, I distinctly remember thinking this morning that no matter how bad things may get with my business, I NEVER want to find myself in a space where I'm forced to be in that situation on a daily basis.

As I walked past all the cars (yes, my leisurely pace was faster than the speed the traffic was moving at), I noticed the different types of people in the cars:
- The chain smokers who smoke the wasted time away
- The music lovers who pump their music on high volume all the way to work
- The neurotics - who are hooting constantly whilst trying to squeeze themselves into non-existent spaces
- The depressed individuals who are wondering whether this is what life has come to.... spending two plus hours a day in traffic.

As much as each of these people were experiencing the traffic in different ways - one thing is for sure... I didn't envy any of them!

This reminded me of something I remember Tony Robbins saying a few years back... That if the vision of where you are headed isn't yet strong enough to pull you forward - use the pain of where you are coming from to push you forward. If imagining yourself on your private yacht seems impossible for now, then use the pain of always missing family functions because of work commitments as motivation. Let the pain PUSH you until the vision can PULL you. 
The bottom line is that you need to stay in motion - moving closer toward your best life on a daily basis. As time goes on and as you achieve more, it will become easier to focus your energy on where you are headed to versus where you are coming from.