Monday, 29 November 2010



I enjoyed reading this and thought you would too. I think all of us can benefit from reading "The Sabbath Manifesto"

Writer, Erika Kosina, suggests that a “Tech Sabbath,” a day of rest from electronic communication, will foster our wellness. An opportunity to reconnect with what really matters in our lives. Thoreau said it best: “Live deliberately, instead of mindlessly. I encourage my grandchildren to play outdoors , to detach from the phone, and less TV. So now I am working on my own unplugging (after I finish this newsletter) and avoided shopping this Black Friday.

The Coach likes . . . what San Francisco local businesses did recently; sponsored a Tech-Free Day at a picnic which banned technology.

The Sabbath Manifesto – 10 Ways to Take a Day Off (

1. Avoid technology

2. Connect with loved ones

3 Nurture your health

4. Get outside

5. Avoid commerce

6. Light candles

7. Drink wine

8. Eat bread

9. Find silence

10. Give back

Thursday, 25 November 2010

What's important to you?

What’s important to you? - Family, friends, your job maybe? Whatever it is, I’m realising more and more each day the importance of guarding these things that we hold so dear to us. It’s easy to get caught up in life and not realise the value of the things that may be slipping through our fingers. Take time daily to nurture the things that make YOUR life worth living. I’ve found that often these are the things we take for granted…the doting wife, the wonderful kids, the supportive parent, the caring boyfriend, health, sanity...the list goes on. Call that person to say you are sorry, tell someone how much you love them, make someone’s day TODAY!! Life is too short to spend it lamenting over what you once had – hold onto it NOW, cherish it NOW! Make a gratitude list or whatever is necessary to keep you living in the moment and appreciating what you have. Life is the most amazing thing we experience as humans – don’t waste this time because as far as I know we only get one ride on this incredible rollercoaster called life… J

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The power of asking

Do you ever look at unfavourable situations that friends and family may be in and the thing that’s causing them to be stuck in a rut/the solution is blatantly obvious to you but they seem to have no idea what’s going on? This for me highlights the importance of using the support system around us – be it siblings, friends or colleagues. Part of growing up is becoming independent and self reliant however we all need advice and support from time to time. Asking those around you for their views on a situation you may be going through does not mean you are incapable of dealing with it yourself however as the old adage says – two heads are better than one! The power of asking never ceases to amaze. Next time a “problem” gets the better of you just ASK – someone closer than you think may just have the answer!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Settling for less

Do you often find yourself settling for less or putting yourself last? Do regularly short-change yourself in favour of others yet no one seems to do the same for you? I’m as much a supporter of helping others and being considerate as the next guy, however recent experiences have really got me thinking about how often we take care of number one. I’ve heard it said before that you cannot give what you don’t have and I think that is so true.  Unless you care for and love yourself you cannot do the same for others. Many of us give into guilt and see doing one thing for ourselves as being selfish. Caregivers (especially mothers!) tend to be the worst culprits! Take time to do the things that bring balance to your life, even if that’s just taking 10 minutes to put your feet up!! As always I emphasise the power of now so make that time TODAY!!