Thursday, 25 November 2010

What's important to you?

What’s important to you? - Family, friends, your job maybe? Whatever it is, I’m realising more and more each day the importance of guarding these things that we hold so dear to us. It’s easy to get caught up in life and not realise the value of the things that may be slipping through our fingers. Take time daily to nurture the things that make YOUR life worth living. I’ve found that often these are the things we take for granted…the doting wife, the wonderful kids, the supportive parent, the caring boyfriend, health, sanity...the list goes on. Call that person to say you are sorry, tell someone how much you love them, make someone’s day TODAY!! Life is too short to spend it lamenting over what you once had – hold onto it NOW, cherish it NOW! Make a gratitude list or whatever is necessary to keep you living in the moment and appreciating what you have. Life is the most amazing thing we experience as humans – don’t waste this time because as far as I know we only get one ride on this incredible rollercoaster called life… J


  1. I totally agree with your views on life and what you view as important. It is true that we all get caught up with work in the hope of attaining financial freedom and properity.I know that, while it is important to work hard in order to achieve any objective in life, I believe it is much more important not to neglect the simplest thing in life and that is LOVE. We all need to SHOW and MAKE time for love. Love, for your children,wife,husband,family,friends,and most importantly,GOD.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more!! - thanks for the feedback.