Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Settling for less

Do you often find yourself settling for less or putting yourself last? Do regularly short-change yourself in favour of others yet no one seems to do the same for you? I’m as much a supporter of helping others and being considerate as the next guy, however recent experiences have really got me thinking about how often we take care of number one. I’ve heard it said before that you cannot give what you don’t have and I think that is so true.  Unless you care for and love yourself you cannot do the same for others. Many of us give into guilt and see doing one thing for ourselves as being selfish. Caregivers (especially mothers!) tend to be the worst culprits! Take time to do the things that bring balance to your life, even if that’s just taking 10 minutes to put your feet up!! As always I emphasise the power of now so make that time TODAY!!

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