Monday, 29 November 2010



I enjoyed reading this and thought you would too. I think all of us can benefit from reading "The Sabbath Manifesto"

Writer, Erika Kosina, suggests that a “Tech Sabbath,” a day of rest from electronic communication, will foster our wellness. An opportunity to reconnect with what really matters in our lives. Thoreau said it best: “Live deliberately, instead of mindlessly. I encourage my grandchildren to play outdoors , to detach from the phone, and less TV. So now I am working on my own unplugging (after I finish this newsletter) and avoided shopping this Black Friday.

The Coach likes . . . what San Francisco local businesses did recently; sponsored a Tech-Free Day at a picnic which banned technology.

The Sabbath Manifesto – 10 Ways to Take a Day Off (

1. Avoid technology

2. Connect with loved ones

3 Nurture your health

4. Get outside

5. Avoid commerce

6. Light candles

7. Drink wine

8. Eat bread

9. Find silence

10. Give back

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