Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Stop Wishing & Start Doing!

Hey guys,

Came across this quick read and I thought is should share. It's honest and to the point about what's needed to achieve success. I particularly like tip two.

                                 - Enjoy and let me know what value this adds to you -

Monday, 29 October 2012

The Factory

Thought of a crazy analogy today. So, imagine your brain is a factory with lots of little workers. Like workers in a normal factory, they know what needs to be done and they get it done – with personal input left to a minimum. The subconscious mind is one section of this huge factory. The workers in the subconscious are especially diligent! Through a big screen, images of the next ‘task’ are beamed in. These consist of all one’s thoughts, hopes, fears and aspirations. The mor
e intense the emotions associated with the images, the higher up the priority list they are placed. Their job? To ensure that the way they organise things matches up with the most frequent and strongest input.

That’s how the subconscious works – it doesn't stop to analyse what’s best or ideal for you. It works at matching up your reality with your dominant thoughts and emotions. Take time to pay attention to where your energy flows. That may just be the explanation you've been looking for.