Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Full Fat or Skimmed?

The question full fat or skimmed conjures up feelings which are most likely directly in relation to the size of your waistline! Whilst some argue that full fat is tastier, others emphasise that skimmed is healthier. One thing is for certain though - when it comes to life, joy, wealth and abundance, full fat is the only way to go!

What do I mean? Well, as the name 'skimmed' implies - this kind of life has a certain amount of 'goodness' taken away or skimmed off the top - like a cup of hot cocoa with no cream if you will. Examples of a skimmed life are those plagued by mediocrity and words such as 'fine', 'enough', 'not bad'. Whereas when I think about a full fat kind of life, I think abundance, luxury, more than enough to share!

Pay attention to the language you use and the direction it may be pushing you in. If you're used to saying things like 'any will do for me', begin to change that language so that it directly reflects your inner most desires. 

A full fat life is available to YOU if you can just choose that you DESERVE the best.

Which areas of your life will you be upgrading to the Deluxe Version? Share in the section below :)

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