Thursday, 8 January 2015

Your Job As A Vehicle To Get You Out Of The Rat Race

Talk of employment and the dreaded J.O.B in home business circles is usually met with groans of disapproval and talk of how it’s the worst thing ever. Being in the home business arena myself, I do agree with this but I also acknowledge that there are some advantages to starting off a home business whilst you are still working at your job. Below are 3 reasons why you should view your JOB as a vehicle to getting you out of the rat race:

1)      Your start up requires capital.
 Whether you are going into network marketing, looking to open a hair salon in your backyard cottage or starting your own internet marketing empire – you will need money to get the things started. Your job will enable you to finance the big and little things from laptops to basic office stationary.
Set aside a portion of your salary to cover these expenses, as well as running costs. A business budget will serve you well and will enable you to keep track of monies coming in and out.

2)      Your salary offers you security
 It’s no secret that being an entrepreneur is not for sissies! Just playing - but it’s true. Entrepreneurialism makes some people and breaks others. From the extra hours that have to be put in, to the fact that things don’t always come together as planned, it’s a process that will see you grow. That said, one of the things which don’t usually go as planned is the amount of time it takes to start breaking even and then making a solid profit. Your steady monthly salary will allow you to take care of existing expenses and to focus on growth rather than scarcity as you build up your home business.

3)      Your job will motivate you
 Your job, as mentioned above, is something you may view as preventing you from living you want to live. Before your home business gets on its feet and generates enough power to pull you toward it, use your job to push you toward your best life. A long day at work, a run in with your boss… use all of that to fuel your passion, drive and enthusiasm for your ‘escape plan’.

I hope this helps you to view your job in a more positive light as you make the transition to being your own boss. 

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