Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Offer The Whole Package

I recently went into a card shop on a last minute dash before heading to a birthday party. I had the present and all I needed was the card and a helium balloon. After choosing the card, I made my way around the shop to find the balloon section… but there was none. It made no sense to me that the shop would stock some party/ birthday stuff and not other things.

It got me thinking about how often we do that as business owners. As part of a corporate organisation, different people take care of different tasks so everything runs like a well oiled machine. For a home business owner though, it can be overwhelming to take care of everything yourself and it’s for this reason that some choose to outsource helpers to take care of certain aspects of their business. If you are starting out, this may not be practical financially but there are other ways around this. This may include trading services with a friend who requires help with something you are good at. They may help you with your social media efforts and you could help them with some web design issues they have.

Be creative in building your business and finding ways of being your ideal client’s one-stop shop for everything they need in your niche. A great idea I leveraged early on was to become an affiliate of other organisations within my niche so that whenever I was unable to provide a service, I was at least able to recommend a reputable company who could do so – and I would still get paid. Don’t leave your clients feeling like they should have gone elsewhere to get the whole package.

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