Saturday, 6 December 2014

Build Your Own Networks

A little while ago I had the idea to set up a network which would be for young, business people who are looking for a safe space to share their ‘crazy’ ideas - a space where these ideas would not only be celebrated but where they would be developed into so much more.

My first concern was how to get in touch with such a group of people and I wondered what would make them want to join my network versus any other business networking group out there. One of the lessons which have served me well in business is that when you bring value to the table, anything is possible.

Once I started making head and tail of the network, its mission and who the ideal member was… once I got to a place where I could articulate in two sentences the vision I had, it didn't seem so crazy anymore… It seemed necessary!

Getting clarity on an idea can be daunting but each step you take literally cleans up a patch of the blurry bits and helps you make sense of another area.

Consider your needs as an entrepreneur…Your need to connect with others who have bigger ideas than yours… your need to mastermind with others who are also passionate about your purpose… your need to be inspired by others who are already doing it.  Are there other people who may have the same needs and who would bring value to such a circle?

Set up a network where you play the role of first connector and before long you’ll be meeting people through others you already know. Start off by asking a question a like “Who do you know who…?” “Who do you know who may want to be part of a group of {INSERT PROFESSION} who are looking to make a change in the {INSERT SECTOR} of the {INSERT INDUSTRY} industry by leveraging off each other’s skills and know-how?" This way you aren't putting pressure on anyone but if they are that person, you can be sure that they’ll indicate that… then you go from there.

Start with a Facebook group for instance and then work your way up to arranging actual meet ups say once a quarter. #BeginToday   

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