Thursday, 4 December 2014

Wholeheartedly Sow Everywhere

It’s been my experience that our rewards rarely come from the place we expect them to. Even when giving, we are told that our ‘returns’ will come from elsewhere. The same is true in business. When we sow seeds (money, time, effort, persistence, quality) we naturally have an expectation of the place where we will reap the most rewards - this may be anticipation that your next big sale will be the client you've been working closely with for the past few weeks. When this doesn't happen as expected, we can get discouraged. The effort feels like it was in vain and we are all guilty of feeling like ‘what’s the point?’

 It’s usually at that same time that we are most likely to receive great news in the form of an unexpected flow of business prospects, a new recruit or new client. When working on a worthy cause, our efforts are never in vain. Keep sowing seeds and you will always find rest and shade under the branches of trees you’d envisioned as having a different purpose.

The way I make use of the above is to give my best service in all I do and to all my clients. It’s impossible to make a new first impression on a client you may have sidelined as a ‘non-buyer’ who then turns out to be your customer of the month. Sow seeds in your business wholeheartedly and don’t be surprised if the Universe taps you on the shoulder with an unexpected bounty.

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