Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Why Asking For Repeat Business Isn't Cringe Worthy Stuff

You have a great product or service which you offer your target audience, yet you feel greasy and sales-y when it’s time to contact clients to ask for repeat business? The key here is repeat business – that’s what makes it so weird. Making an initial sale is one thing, but going back to a satisfied client to ask for repeat business shouldn't be so difficult. I've come up with three reasons why you need not feel tense about picking up the phone or sending out that email to remind them that they are due to place another order:

1-      The Fortune Is In The Follow Up

If you've been in sales for more than five minutes (and we’re all in sales by the way), you’ll have heard the phrase ‘The Fortune Is in the Follow Up” – and it’s true. Think about how many times you saw the last offer you bought into before you made a decision about it or how grateful you were for that friendly reminder which ensured you didn't run out of your most favourite ‘XYZ’ product.

2-      You Know Your Clients

So before you started getting clients, you sat down one day and you got super clear on your target audience, their needs and how your product or service would meet those. Then once individual clients came on board, I’ll assume you did your due diligence to get to know them personally and to build that all important rapport which is the backbone of every relationship. What this says to me is that you have pretty in depth knowledge about your client’s likes, dislikes, preferences and needs. Bearing this research in mind and the fact that they've already bought from you before, there’s no need to feel slimy about reaching out to them to let them know that you’ll be placing orders soon and would they like the same again. They’ll appreciate you staying on the ball and being an organised business person.

3-      Real Life Happens

Let’s face it – regardless of how great your product is, real life happens. Children fall ill, work pressure increases and DIY jobs pile up. All this means your client may forget that it’s time to place their repeat order of your fantastic product. A genuine customer will appreciate you giving them a friendly reminder and again it says a lot about how efficiently you run your business… #BrowniePoints.

Keep these three things in mind the next time you are due to follow up and you’ll realise that the follow up is one of the best parts of your business.

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