Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Adjusting the sail in times of change....

I now realise that I have been getting it wrong all this time. I’ve always viewed ‘difficult times’, be it in business or in life in general, as times to step back. When the going would get tough it was my understanding that one had to take a few steps back to avoid getting burnt by the roaring flames of unfavourable change. I now realise that when one is determined to achieve something it should be regardless of external circumstances. If one commits to being successful or great at anything only for as long as the conditions are favourable, they will not last five minutes! I’ve heard it said before that successful people are willing to do what unsuccessful people aren’t. I now appreciate a deeper meaning of that saying in the sense that these things that the successful people are willing to do don’t just refer to staying up later of waking up earlier. They refer to venturing into the unknown, the scary and the downright dangerous with ones head held high – determined to make it out the other end better, stronger and faster. Staying focused on the prize ahead now means that regardless of what I may encounter on the road to my success, I’ll keep going. The changes and obstacles which may present themselves simply mean that I should adjust my sail rather than throw in the towel. All the latter ensures is that my prize goes up for grabs for any and everyone! What a loss!

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