Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Visualisation and the use of Affirmations

I’ve often wondered why affirmations and visualisation are so powerful in their ability to keep us focused on where we desire to go in life. More specifically, I’ve wondered why it is necessary for us constantly bombard ourselves with images and thoughts of our hearts desires. Why is it difficult to make a decision to do or achieve something and mange to stay focused on that mission until it is completed? What is distracting us and ultimately causing us to need constant reminders to stay focused on the task at hand? And what is so captivating about this ‘thing’ that it continues to succeed in grabbing our attention from what’s really important time after time. My realisation has been that our society focuses on the negative. Now although this in itself is not a mind blowing conclusion, it does lead one to question why what we choose to focus on, rather than the ability to focus on something in itself, is the issue preventing us from reaching higher and more liberated levels of consciousness as human beings. In staying focused on the negative and downright depressing issues, we miss learning the true lessons of enlightenment, whose knowledge and understanding of are the real reason we are alive. So not only does being a pessimist mean that you don’t enjoy your journey called life, it also means that you completely miss the purpose of the visit! I’m not sure that anyone can really put their finger on WHY we’ve come to focus on all that’s ‘wrong’ with and in our lives. That said I feel that our culture of instant gratification has lead to us developing a thirst for more which can never be quenched, because we only appreciate what we have for all of about five seconds. Nothing is ever enough to cause us lasting happiness so the feeling of emptiness inevitably creeping back in! Click here to read more!

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