Thursday, 23 June 2011

Pursuing and Achieving Your Dreams

When it comes to pursuing and achieving goals there are generally three kinds of attitudes that people adopt. Some adopt the attitude that although the world is a good place, filled with good things – only certain people can eat from this table of abundance. They are not always able to put their finger on why these people are able to reap such wonderful rewards from life and not them and as a result they refer to this ‘special’ group of people as the “lucky ones”. They go through life accepting what’s handed to them which sadly isn’t usually very much.

The second attitude that some adopt is that of the ‘try-getter’ as opposed to that of a ‘go-getter’. The people in this category live in a world of mediocrity. They show up but they never give 100%. They go through life trying – hoping that ‘thing’s will work out’. They try to be successful, they try to be happy, and they try to improve their lives. These people never really achieve anything earth shattering. They simply tip toe through life wondering why their efforts are not producing desirable results but they never really do anything about it. They mistake movement for progress and never realise that all their lives they have just been drawing figures of eight!

The third attitude that the remainder of the average population adopts is that of identifying what they want in life, going for it, and getting it! People with this attitude actually don’t know the meaning of such words as ‘no’ and ‘can’t’. They set their eyes on their prize and they do whatever it takes for as long it takes to achieve it. This group of people see what others regard as failure and the time to throw in the towel as a need to sharpen their saw, reset their sails and keep on moving towards becoming the best version of themselves that they know they can be. Click here to read more!

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