Monday, 18 October 2010

Start living, loving and enjoying life NOW!!!

Have you ever said “I’ll be happy once I….” or “Only when I accomplish this or that will I be happy”? I have on many occasions. It’s my belief that at some point in our lives all of us have put our happiness on hold – until we start earning this much, until we own that car, until we find that husband or wife – the list goes on. I’m all for people having big dreams and aspirations but what I’m “against” is people believing that these things will somehow validate them and make their lives worth living. I have found that even once we have accomplished these things there is often a sense what? That’s because life is something that is intrinsically amazing and a blessing. Start living life NOW. Start being grateful NOW. Start being happy NOW and the rest will follow.

When we hear of people with terminal illnesses we feel sorry for them because their lives will end soon. Often times these are the happiest people alive!! They choose to make the most of the time they have left and they live everyday as if it’s their last. The surprising thing is that we are all going to die – but we seem to forget this. That terminally ill cancer patient who has been given six months may have more time left that you!!!! So as crazy as it sounds I urge all of us to live as though we have terminal illnesses or what ever it will take to make us enjoy everyday of our lives NOW!!!


  1. Wow..Am reading this and thinking, this is me. This is very inspiring Michelle...

    So me and my girlfriend decide to get tested for HIV right? And the results come Negative but instaed of appreciating the fact that there is somebody out there who would do just about anything to have their results negative..insteading of realizing that i could be dying am sitting here worrying about raising money to change my expired immigration status just so i can keep continue living in a country thats like the Sodom and gomorrah of our times....

  2. It happens to the best of us.Just remember to focus on the things that really make life worth living :) ps. congrats on the negative results - I'm happy for you.