Monday, 18 October 2010


It’s difficult to come into His marvellous light when you know that you are clothed in darkness. We’ve all heard it said before – light and darkness don’t mix. We all have hurdles in certain areas of our lives which we can’t get over once and for all. For some it’s telling the truth, for others it’s being faithful or maybe keeping those promises. My plan…even when I’m battling with such issues I’ll stay close to Him because there is just no other way. How do you deal with the ugly monsters that keep coming up time and again??? Feel free to leave some feedback and your name!

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  1. Its true these hurdles are always there. In our own strength - we have no chance. These hurdles also come in different shapes and sizes - they mutate so as to lure us into the well-crafted traps. It is inspiring that a young person like you decides to share these lofty thoughts and experiences with fellow travellers on this planet.
    I will encourage other young people to visit your blog for constructive thoughts on this journey of life. Uncle Todd