Thursday, 12 August 2010

Self Trust

It is so important to be in charge of your emotions and not to allow how you feel be dictated by the actions of others. There comes a point when you have to start looking within and stop relying on others – a time when you form your own opinions about what will and will not stand in your life. Getting to this stage in life has everything to do with self trust. When I was growing up I battled a lot with feelings of inadequacy and low self esteem and as a result I looked for outside reassurance that I was good enough, pretty enough etc. The problem with this was that the person to do this didn’t always show up!! So I had to learn to depend on myself. This like many aspects of growing up took time and is still something I make a conscious effort about on a daily basis. I’m not against getting reassurance from loved ones when challenges come our way and we have moments where we doubt ourselves. What I am against is waiting around for someone to encourage, motivate and reassure you about every decision you will have to make in life. You may begin to find (as I did) that you don’t hold the same values as the people ‘advising’ you and this will cause you to question the relevance of their advice. As you begin to develop your self trust you will become more comfortable with the choices you make and their possible consequences for your life. You accept responsibility for all the things that go right and wrong in your life – this is a fundamental part of growing up and so is decision making. Granted some decisions will be easier to make than others. When it does come to making the tough ones I have found that once one has weighed the pro’s and con’s the most difficult thing is often actually deciding what to do. As one grows older one has to make decisions about a lot of things! The key is to actually make a decision. It’s better to make a wrong decision than to make no decision at all. Don’t be rash…..but don’t develop an indecisive nature. Sometimes it really is better to leap and then look!

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