Thursday, 12 August 2010


One thing that successful and unsuccessful people have in common is fear. Fear of rejection; fear of failure and in some cases fear of success. The presence of fear is not the issue – rather what one does with the fear. We all know what happens when the adrenaline kicks in: fight or flight. Choose to be someone who fights for their dreams and beliefs. Choose to be someone who has a say in how their life turns out. Choose to be someone who refuses to live a life of quiet desperation. Choose to be someone who “feels the fear and does it anyway”. The alternative, letting fear cripple you, doesn’t bare thinking about. There is no reward in life for people who spend their time thinking “what if…?”

I recommend: “Feel the fear and do it anyway” by Susan Jeffers 

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  1. Fear makes one take the necessary precautions when embarking on anything. Because you are scared, you tread softly and safely. Fear produces the adrenalin which in turn produces passion. Passion keeps us going. When you do not feel the fear, it means you do not really care whether you win or loose, you succeed or fail.
    Good article Michy!