Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Setting A Standard

We all (unconsciously) decide what we are willing to settle for in life. This is evident in that although some people experience mediocrity in all areas of their lives – most tend to excel in specific pursuits, be it academically or financially then do mediocre or particularly badly in others. Granted we are all gifted in different ways, but the reality is that the standard which we set for ourselves becomes the acceptable mark. Why do we not then let this carry through in all areas of life? Why do we allow ourselves to be rich but lonely or healthy but poor or rich but unhealthy? The combinations are endless! – change that today! Set a high standard for what you will and won’t accept and have that apply to all areas of life. Mediocrity is the half-way mark between not bothering at all and doing your absolute best. Settle only for the best! :)

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