Monday, 13 December 2010

What do you deserve in life?

“You are meant to be wherever you are” – McNabs

I love this quote. For me it emphasises the importance of being in the present and more so the importance of not beating yourself up because you are not yet where you want to be. That said I still believe that we need to set standards for ourselves in life. What do you deserve in life? Is it the best of everything or mediocrity? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself that question? I would assume that most people are quick to say the former but the reality is that the majority of us tend to settle for the latter! Make it a habit to look at where you are in relation to where you are coming from but also in relation to where you are going. Take time to figure out the life YOU want to live and then get going on accomplishing it. This is because I can guarantee that if you don’t actively pursue a life that you deserve, sadly it will not be handed to you on a platter. Happy Monday!

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